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What is the United Way?

The United Way is a non-profit organization dedicated to area PEOPLE! It is an area-wide effort to voluntarily raise and allocate funds efficiently and effectively to support necessary human services. The United Way is ONE CAMPAIGN that combines efforts of all the participating agencies. It saves campaigns costs, saves the valuable time of volunteers and minimizes the solicitation of area businesses.

No agency can be forced to join; the agencies that do join must meet admission standards. United Way of York does not deduct fundraising or processing fees from gifts originating by or from other United Way organizations

The United Way is YOU!

As a volunteer and contributor, you are helping meet the needs of your community by providing education on alcohol and drugs, aiding our disadvantaged citizens, supporting invaluable youth character building services and providing services for the area’s senior citizens. In total – you are helping where help is needed most.

What should I give?

What you give is strictly up to you based on your family’s needs and other personal considerations. The United way asks only that you give serious thought to determining your fair share. However, it is often helpful to know the giving standards of others, which for many has been one hour’s pay per month for 12 months.

That’s less than three minutes a day for the United Way. That is less time than it takes to
1. Write a note
2. Make a telephone call
3. Drink a cup of coffee

Suppose each one of the 33 member agencies called on you – one after another. What would be the sum total of your annual gifts? Pledge one generous gift, remembering these agencies serve you and your neighbors.

**2.9% will be deducted from your donation as a processing fee charged by Paypal.